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Head Coach: TBC

Program Coordinators: John & Jenny Hoffman


Our sailing program plays a vital role in the Yachting NSW sailing pathway by identifying, monitoring and developing the skills of young sailors to progress further in the sport. Working closely with NSW Institute of Sport and Australian Sailing, our objectives are:

  • To develop sailing skills in a range of classes

  • To learn sailing different types of waterways

  • To prepare for State & National Championships

  • To transition effectively to the next class within the Youth Sailing Pathway


Sailing Pathway Document


Athlete Benefits:

  • Skill development sessions focussed on the skills specific to Sailing
  • Access to a network of specialised coaches;
  • Athlete education in topics such as: Nutririon, Sports Psychology, Motivation, Leadership and Load Management
  • Strength and conditioning coaching and Testing


The program is open to males and females in years 8 - 12 at school (must be under 18 years) and who sail an intermediate or senior monohull class of boat including:

  • Flying 11's
  • 29ers
  • Lasers



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